Tip 3 for Stress Management

Journal. Research studies have shown that PTSD symptoms are reduced by a daily practice of journaling. Students pre-exam stress is also reduced by the act of journaling. Pull out a pen and give it a try! #stress #stressedout #forceofhabit #journal

Tip 1 for Stress Management

Exercise. The stress hormone cortisol takes about 24 hours to break down. If you exercise daily you will help to flush that out and build up the endorphins which help you feel good! #exerciseeverydamnday #stress #stressedout #forceofhabit

Stress Management & the Octopus

Did you know that Octopi eat themselves when they are stressed out? It’s a form of self-cannibalism and is called autophagy. That is some serious self-destruction! It is vital to learn how to manage stress – so we don’t end up in a situation of overwhelm and...