Change your habits, change your life:

Discover the Negative Habits Standing in the Way of Your Satisfaction

We make 35,000 decisions every day. This leads to decision fatigue. Tamsin, your Chief Habit Scientist, helps you create connections between your daily habits resulting in more personal time & energy.

  • *Podcast host and guest 
  • *Expert guest on Science of Habits
  • *Featured in numerous publications!

Tamsin Astor holds a PhD in neuroscience and psychology and a post doctorate in education. Also, certifications in yoga (RYT500, Yoga Ed.), Mindset & Ayurveda (Living Ayurveda, Yoga Health Coach). She is an executive coach and author. For More Info on Tamsin click here

Dr. Astor is available for corporate, business owners, professional business men and women’s groups/conferences, etc.


Topics for Keynotes, Seminars and Lunch & Learns:


    • Change Your Habits Change Your Life: Discover the Way your Habits are Negatively Impacting Your Life and Learn How to Change Them!
    • Mindset 2.0: An Innovative Approach to Managing Your Mind to Create the Life & Business You Want 
    • Improve Company Culture and Increase the Bottom Line: Reorder engagement habits, fine-tune responses and cultivate connections 
    • Manage Stress & Improve Focus Through Dr. Tamsin Astor’s Ayurvedic Approach to Holistic Health 
    • The Mindful Leader: Leading in Turbulent Times. Effective leaders are searching for new methods to navigate and lead during these unprecedented times. The current volatility, complexity, and ambiguity call for a new leadership approach. One of focus, creativity, balance, and compassion

10 Mistakes People Make When Trying to Change a Habit

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