I love words, and there’s a name for that – a logophile. 

I am also a lover of books – a bibliophile. 

As a little girl one of my favorite things to do was to read the dictionary. Yes, I was that kid. It was partly a fascination with etymology, and partly because I used to play word games with my cousins and brother and grandmother and I wanted to win! And funnily enough, a test I did in 2019 said “read dictionaries, it will make you happy,”!!! 

Now I am an international speaker, writer and coach and words are a huge part of my daily world and what I see on a daily basis is the power of words: “where the attention goes, energy flows.”

  • If you use words like “want” – you are focusing on the lack
  • If you use words which start with un- you are focusing on the negative
  • If you use words that are vague you are not defining your desires with clarity

Why is this important? 

Well your subconscious is both literal (it believes what you SAY) and… the subconscious always has veto power which means that it will have the final rule. 

So this, my love, is about getting into ALIGNMENT: your beliefs, your thoughts, your words and your actions. Your words are how you create your reality.

“Every limiting language pattern reveals some new choice waiting to be made,” 

R.T. Stevens.

What choice are you making? 

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