How are you?

How is your summer coming along?

I am on my first vacation since New Years – which is incredibly unusual for me – I tend to be on a plane once a month or so, either for work or fun. 

Traveling simultaneously soothes and stimulates me: the change in scenery and new enriching experiences invite me to lean into gratitude for the life I have. 

I also love learning new rituals and routines which are enacted by people in different parts of the world which I can incorporate into my daily life.

I always come home refreshed and see my home through different eyes.

Quarantine changed that for me.

So, I had to develop other techniques.

Here are three that will help you see your home and office anew:

    1. Rearrange your furniture & belongings
    2. Declutter
    3. Add something new – a potted plant, a framed photo

Let me know if you have any good tips.. 

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