Hey hey hey. How are you doing? I mean, really, not the standard “how are you? – “I’m fine” response. I mean REALLY? 

Things are pretty unstable right now, which creates massive nervous system deregulation and can lead to numbing behaviors, zoned out behaviors, increased tiredness, overwhelm, sleep deprivation etc and then it can easily lead to negative behavior and a critical inner voice which tells us what we are doing wrong and how we are failing.

I came across this quotation recently which really spoke to me:

“The curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am, then I can change.”

~ Carl Rogers

Which, in turn, made me reflect. 

If I can start with acceptance about my proclivities, my preferences, my triggers, my behavior patterns, rather than criticism, I can honestly face them, gathering data about what I am doing that is working, or what I am doing that is destructive. Then I look at why the change is important – what is the point? What kind of life am I trying to create, and how will this change serve me and my community?

Then, I can make a change from a place of love, acceptance and a deeper connection to my BIG WHY.

So, where are you struggling to accept yourself and what impact is that having on what you want to change?

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