Hola from sunny San Diego where I am hanging with my Entrepreneur Mastermind group.

If you’ve been on my list for a while, you probably know that I coach people around habits – I help you organize yourself so you have time for what you want & need and time for fun, your passions, your priorities!

Having healthy habit practices in place is wicked hard to do in your own life, if you haven’t *shameless plug * worked with me! But, it’s a whole different ballgame to keep yourself on track when you’re traveling or you suddenly have a slew of extra meetings or longer hours due to a deadline.

Here are my tips.

1) Identify your main self-care habit. Common examples & the follow-on effects:
a. Exercise in morning eat better have more energy sleep better
b. Meditate in the morning longer reaction time to the irritations/stressors of life you’re happier and nicer to be around
c. Gratitude practice and/or a chapter of a book inspires you to show up as your best self
d. A long shower & a massage of your body & head mind and body are grounded and present
e. Eating a light plant-based supper early bed time wake up with pep & vigor ready to conquer the world

2) Become your own Habit Scientist. This requires you to pay attention to yourself, which I know is bloody scary: nothing like the fear of facing yourself!
a. Notice! What happens when: you travel and you can’t exercise/are served crap food/live in a wired-tired state of caffeinated sleep deprivation?
b. Experiment with taking control: if you’re system shuts down with white, processed food at that business retreat, find a local grocery stores, bring bouillon cubes with you to make a soup, if a lack of sleep makes you crazy, take a bath, go to bed at 930pm and get up at 5am to start the day.

The point is, that it is all solvable if you’ll just do yourself the favor of paying as much attention to your body and mind as you do to your insta feed or your kids soccer schedules.

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