Have you ever felt a pull to do something? 

Go into a room, say yes to an invitation, call a friend, flip on the radio? 

And then when you follow that impulse, that intuitive, energetic pull, something good, useful or important happens?

In yoga there is a word for this energetic pull – spanda – which means pulse, throb, vibration. You might even think of it as the subtle creative impulse of the universe!

My question for you is – do you follow it, or do you ignore it?

Spanda – the pulse and vibration, the creative energy, the vibrations.

Are you willing to slow down and feel it? Incredible things will start to happen. And on a side note, one of the fun things about working with me is that you will see that I have a deep and abiding love of words and etymology, and am really good at tangents. Spandau means machine gun in german…. And is apparently where the band Spandau Ballet got their name from (graffiti in Berlin, and the prison Spandau)… And the best, are you ready?

Spandex…and the 1980s pulse and vibration of aerobics videos 😉



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