When you start to commit to a new path: a new way of interacting with your time, with your food, with your body, it’s hard. Willpower is a muscle that fatigues – which is why dieting is usually such a disaster, because it gets boring and tough and restrictive and difficult. I recently watched the documentary, Food Choices in which someone said “The best diet is the one you don’t know you’re on,” which I completely agree with!

One of the best ways to help yourself commit to your new path is to consider the obstacles that are going to prevent your success. There are two main angles to consider here, the first is about YOU. The “you” is really you mindset & how you show up.

Mindset is a huge issue – we have to be willing to look at how we think about things if we want to change how we think and act. That requires a critical look at what we think, what we say & what we do. Self-sabotage is a real issue with this kind of work!

The second is OTHERS. Mindset is a part of this too, because you have to learn how to interact with people who may not like, understand or respect the change you are making. You also have to learn to work around the constraints in your life – places you have to be at certain times and so on. There are some people who don’t support you, or who necessarily require your attention, that you can learn to manage – delaying, postponing, delegating.

Problem-solve before it arises – create your own tools, words, time-frames & you’ll be much more successful! My biggest tip, is to make commitments to yourself – put them in your calendar & stick with them, as if you were making plans with other people.

I raise a glass of home-made kombucha to your success!

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