I have been heavily steeped in the back-to-school energy all my life, going from school, to college, to graduate school, to a post-doctoral fellowship, to motherhood. There is something very cleansing and energizing as the weather starts to shift, the back to school signs appear in the local stores and you know the march to the end of the year has begun.

In Ayurveda (the sister science of Yoga, literally translated as The Science of Life), fall is the time of change. The wind picks up, the leaves fall, the apples become ripe and the energy of transition is in the air. How can you channel it, rather than let it bowl you over?

Successful people – I’m talking about the Warren Buffet’s, Richard Branson’s & Oprah’s of the world – don’t try and do everything, they select & create healthy routines. First, you streamline your life to include: exercise, meditation, sleep, time for learning something new (reading, classes, hobbies) & healthy food. Second, you review & select tasks that will allow you to achieve your goals & avoid things that may be fascinating, but do not contribute to your goals.

Now, maybe you looked at that list and freaked out because it feels like it’s all a bit much. So, take a look at this and get concrete: you create a schedule. Don’t resist, even if it feels anathema to your free-flowing or overwhelmed time-crunched spirit!

Get out your calendar. Go on – DO IT – pull it out now! The advantage of digital diaries is you can put things on repeat – like meet Amy for yoga every Thursday, or meditate every morning after alarm at 6am & get it to beep at you. If you’re going analog, get funky with colored markers!

And then Schedule:

1)    Bedtime & Wake time

10-5am is a good slot, regularity helps your body-mind establish good sleep. 9-6.30am if you’re still in grade school.

2)    Meditation

Every morning (need an app? Headspace and Insight Timer are my favorite). Kids can meditate too – give them a focus – breathe like a hibernating bear making your inhale & exhale the same length.

3)    Exercise

Every day (don’t have enough time? Download the 7-minute work-out app. Everyone has 7 mins).

4)    Learning time

Every day (read a book, learn/practice a new hobby, take an online course.

5)    Food Prep times

Twice a week bulk cook healthy dishes, e.g. soups, chilis, baked veg, marinated salads, chop fruit & veg, hummus, granola/granola bars, a batch of wholegrain pancakes that can be toasted and served with fruit on a busy morning.

6)    Review Time

Once a week do your schedule, around kids/work etc and schedule a couple of hours once a month to look at what you’re doing towards achieving your goals and what is no longer serving you and needs to go.

Email me/tweet/FB msg me and let me know what works for you!

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