Let me introduce myself, in case you’re new to my list, or you’ve forgotten who I am and why I do this work.

I am Tamsin Astor and I call myself the Chief Habit Scientist. I am so glad you are here.

Let me share with you what I value and believe, so that you can willingly step into the place of understanding me and thus what I am creating here for you.

And whether you agree it with it or not, I want you to know that when you live from the heart and your values, you massively change your impact on the world.

I value your freedom.

Freedom of expression, of time, your body and your mind and heart.

I value your education. When people, particularly women, have access to education the world is a better and more equitable place.

I value your personal responsibility – we all have the ability to learn how to manage our reactions to things, our thought patterns, if not our feelings.

I value societal responsibility – we live in community and need to create the structures to support everyone, especially those who are born without the same privileges as myself (a white woman).

I value the lives of black people, LGBTQ, immigrants, and women.

I value our planet, and how we treat it and everything and everyone on it – our water, our air, our seas, our land, the plants and animals.

And, I value openness and personal growth – by sharing my struggles with you, I intend to provide a space to support and allow you to evolve.

And most importantly, I value passion, compassion, joy, fun & above all else love.

Join me in articulating YOUR values, YOUR mission, YOUR passions so you can step into alignment and together we can serve.