If you have been reading my blogs or newsletters for a while, you will know that I talk about the power of meditation all the time. It is seriously one of the biggest game changers I have found in terms of mindset, focus, forgiveness, presence, health – mental (calm, less anxious, letting go of past hurts) and physical (boosted immune function, healthy blood pressure).

BUT… there are days when I STRUGGLE with sitting still. I have too much energy in my body. I can’t concentrate or focus. Yet, I don’t want to abandon my practice. So, I sit for a few minutes, and then I do walking meditation, then I sit for a few minutes and then I do walking meditation. I learned about walking meditation when I did my first weekend meditation retreat. We would do it after we had been sitting for 30-45 minutes, to get the blood moving again.

When you do the walking meditation your focus is on each step, slow and mindful: Right foot: Heel, Toe, Lift, Left foot: Heel, Toe, Lift, Right foot: Heel, Toe, Lift etc. Slow, steady and calm. Check out the meditation playlist on my YouTube channel for more inspiration.