You know that feeling when you jump into your car on a sunny day and you realize that you don’t have your sunglasses, and you’re not at home and you wonder, will the visor suffice until you can stop at a gas station to get a pair?

Sometimes it’s important to stop and find the right tools. But, beware, it can be really easy to get stuck in inaction, because you feel you can’t act until you have the right tools!

So – start by giving it a shot: try without the right tools. You might find that you can do it anyway!

I spent 3 weeks in Greece, with my oldest friend, right after I had submitted my Ph.D. thesis for evaluation. She and I hung out in all her old haunts and also we went exploring. One day we went to The Temple of Poseidon at Sounion and spotted Lord Byron’s graffiti – he was so inspired he had carved his name into the side!

We looked out at the sea and thought, wow how lovely it would be getting in it. So we (illegally) scrambled down the rocks, in our shorts and t-shirts, stripped off our clothes and dove into the dark blue sea. We didn’t have swimsuits or towels, but we both just had such an intense desire to feel the water on our skin after reveling in the beauty of The Temple of Poseidon.

So, we did.