We go through them every second – that past second can’t be re-lived! We experience these micro-transitions every hour, every day, week, month, season, year. We may not even notice them.

Sometimes we go through major transitions, which we are fully aware of – when a relationship ends, when a loved one dies, when we lose a job, move home, start a new project.

One of the key things that I remember when I was studying Psychology as an undergraduate was that even the good transitions – having a baby, getting married, moving into your dream home – are also stressful! So, be kind to yourself, if you’re feeling that you *shouldn’t* feel bad or stressed out.

So, how can you handle it?

  1. Acknowledge it! And then follow your usual schedule as much as possible, e.g. going to the gym, yoga class, having a date night, eating healthy food.
  2. Create a list. Use a management tool to keep track of what needs to be done, during this transition, what you need to focus on, and perhaps share it with the relevant people, so you can perhaps delegate.
  3. Ask for help. Accept help. If people offer help, respond and ask for something, e.g. some food, taking your dog for a few days, taking your kids for playdates. If no one offers, reach out to people and ask for help. It can be quite revelatory who offers help and how they respond to being asked for help….