I have had some interesting conversations with people over the years about things that are beyond our ability to understand, but which are real in some people’s eyes!

A concrete example of this was my grandmother, who I christened Mimi when I was about 2 years old. She and I were very very close growing up. She was psychic, but also grounded in science – a nurse during World War II, who moved to Africa in 1944 and lived a wild, challenging life for many years before returning to the UK.

When I was 11 I started taking the bus to school – the old red London buses which had open backs and you could jump on and off. It was my first day taking it on my own and I didn’t realize that the bus stop closest to my school was a request stop, meaning that I had to ring the bell otherwise the driver would drive past it.

I looked out in panic as we drove past the stop. I leaned forward, out of the bus. The next thing I knew I was walking along the sidewalk. A couple eating breakfast took me into their house.

I was concussed – I didn’t know my name, couldn’t remember my phone number, I had split open my lips, my nose, my eyebrow, my left hand, and knees when I fell face first off the bus at 35 mph.

My grandmother called my mother that morning and said, “Tammy never made it to school.”

My mother said, “course she did, ” but she knew her mother only had these psychic visions when it was trauma-related, planes crashing with her loved ones on it, cancer diagnoses that were caught early.

Sure enough, I had not turned up at school that day.

The connection that Mimi and I had, and that she had with all those people she loved deeply was wonderful.

And now, I have a word for it – Grenzbegriff – that which is real but beyond analysis and description.

+ Grenzbegriff – where does this apply this in your life?
+ Where do you feel it? In love? In your feelings for your children?
+ Do you feel the need to try and get behind it? (I have done this with Reiki – massive energetic healings, which I wanted to analyze and understand, but did not need to).

There is so much of our brain that we don’t use. And we don’t need to, to know.