There’s this great practice called Abhyanga – where you warm oil and massage yourself. It’s a vata-pacifying technique, which means that it helps soothe dry skin, reconnect your mind to your body and cultivates a sense of grounding. Grounding is when you feel like you’re not really fully present in the experience – like your mind and body are not fully connected.

Use food-grade sesame, coconut or almond oil. I like to put it in a reusable soap dispenser, because it’s easier to control the flow. Caveat re: coconut oil – it’s solid at 70F, so I recommend leaving in the tub you bought it in and warming it between your hands (it can block the pump).

Focus on your whole body – your organs of action – hands & feet, arms, and legs. Your back, butt, stomach, breasts, chest, face & once a week or so, your hair. Let it soak in for at least 5 minutes, maybe as much as 20 minutes. Meditate. Read. Put on an old robe and go make some tea. Then, take a shower, putting a little non-toxic dish detergent down the plughole (like when you cook with oil).

Your skin will feel more luscious, your mind will feel more rested & connected.