…to join me, in my new Facebook Community!


  • I really believe in the value and power of community. Humans are social beings. We crave connection and support
  • People who are connected and socially supported live longer, have better disease prognosis and lower rates of depression
  • Shifting your habits is TOUGH! What makes it easier is having me, your Chief Habit Scientist with tips & tools AND an awesome community to hold your hand, nudge you on and cheer you on when you hit your goals!

So – check out my new FB community – Dr Tamsin’s Daily Habits To Rock the Eff Out of Parenting & Life.  Ask to join – it’s a Closed group, so what we share stays amongst us. This is because we need to feel safe to share and if any random punter can read what you write, then that’s no good is it?! Safety is one of the major KEYS to creating to an effective culture!

In community,


P.s. This is totally free and you can leave the group at any time, what have you got to lose? Check us out here