So, we are 6 weeks into the new year!  How’re your New Year Resolutions working out? It’s hard to stick with, it isn’t it? Often it feels like a boring, must do, rather than a hell yes, to start working on your healthy habits.

Today, I want you to consider your bigger why!

It’s awfully hard to stick with a new habit when you get stuck in the nitty gritty of the doing, particularly if it’s not something you enjoy.

Here’s How to Do it – Keep your BIG Why in mind!

  1. Identify your Habit
  2. Figure out Your Why
  3. Keep Your Why in Mind

For example, if your Habit is go to gym and Your Why is look good in bikini, Keep Your Why in Mind by finding a picture of yourself in a bikini from before, or tear out a bikini that you want to wear in the summer and stick that picture somewhere you have to look at everyday! (I am a fan of the next to the bathroom mirror.

Or maybe your Habit is eat healthy meals and Your Why is have energy to chase your kids or grandkids around, Keep Your Why in Mind by making a photo montage of your kids/grandkids & sticking that on the fridge!