Freedom. When I think about that word, I hear Free-Dom – a Kingdom of Free. I grew up in a United Kingdom, so maybe that’s why my mind goes there! I want to live in Freedom. One aspect for me, is the ability to travel. And so, the first week of October I spent with my Entrepreneur group in San Diego.

In SD, I treated myself to an Ayurvedic treatment. My therapist suggested I repeat a mantra to myself. I laid down and decided to let it – my mantra – emerge, and not to spend 10 minutes over-thinking about how to create the perfect mantra for my experience!

And what emerged was this – a riff and flow of E, F and G words. I am energetic, engaged, excited, exciting, empty (Buddhist context – a good thing), I’m free, fantastic, fabulous, fun, fertile (imagination, ideas), I am generous, grateful, gregarious, gorgeous, good. But, what kept coming up again, again and again was I AM FREE. As she massaged me and used detoxing herbs to release the ama (toxins), I am free came up again & again & again. Hugely powerful and emotional for me to see that my mind generated such positivity and joy towards myself.

The next day, I started my retreat. And we explored mindset and energy and connection and I fell in love with my fabulous coaching community again, shared a room with 3 coaches and talked in our PJs and drank wine & got excited about life. And on the last day my coach told us about her new program for next year – The Freedom Tribe. Ah, freedom again. So I committed.

Last Friday I finally got around to having my Jyotish Horoscope read – because I have been practicing, living, teaching, coaching and generally loving the Ayurvedic approach to living, I thought it was time to check out the horoscope aspect too. And it was fascinating – describing so much that makes sense to me about who I am and how I show up in the world, and then…

I asked him, now what should I do with this information? And he said, “Well, your chart points to Moksha, your life’s journey is about Freedom, different stages of your life will focus on different kinds of Freedom.”

So, there you have it. Freedom: a big part of my journey and as I learn to listen, the connections emerge & deepen. And if you read my last week’s post about the courage to speak, well, you might realize that Freedom is also defined as: “the power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint.”

What does Freedom mean to you? Take out a piece of paper and some markers and get creative, let your juices flow – what does Freedom look like to you, in different areas of your life? 

Ps – I’d love to start a chat with you about this – here’s a link to my calendar!

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