I frequently post about food – how much, what, when etc and if you follow me on Instagram or FB, you’ll see that a lot of my posts are about how to make healthy, easy, plant-based meals. And what you eat is really where it’s at in terms of your long term physical health.

However, this post is not about food, it’s about exercise:

Exercise is vital for cardiovascular health – it lowers your blood pressure and resting heart rate and reduces the inflammation associated with heart issues such as stroke.

Exercise has also been shown to be good for reducing certain cancers (particularly breast and colon) and it also seems to make your immune system function more efficiently. Weight-bearing exercise maintains bone mass and reduces osteoporosis and in older adults lowers the risk of falls.

Also, regular exercise boosts energy – oxygen and nutrients are delivered more efficiently to your tissues and cardiovascular system. So, if your lungs and heart are working better, you’ll be more energetic for your daily life.

You sleep better when you exercise and it also may improve how your brain functions such as improving your memory – though these studies are not as fully fleshed out yet. It has, however, been connected with lowering the risk of depression, anxiety and dementia. Moreover, exercising daily is what’s going to make you feel better – endorphins flood the system.

And… if none of this inspires you the Mayo Clinic note that men who exercise regularly have less problems with erectile dysfunction and women who exercise regularly have “enhanced arousal”!

It’s now summer-time, which means that it’s much harder to keep up the regular exercise if you’re a mum or dad.

Here are my top tips:

  1. Exercise apps – e.g. the 7-minute workout app, which you can do in your home (and your kids can do it) – jumping jacks, wall sits, running in place
  2. Exercise with your kids – go on a long bike ride, talk your dog for a long walk or run. I have a trailer bike for my youngest, so we can go on long, energetic rides!
  3. On vacation offer to walk your parents dog every morning and evening; walk/bike/run into the local village if you’re somewhere new and pick up the newspapers and fresh bread every morning; swim 50 lenghts of the pool, or swim in the sea for 45 minutes; walk to the beach/restaurant – hey – it’s not like you have a 9am appointment to make!
  4. Replace a car/bus commute with your bike
  5. Meet a friend – people perform better on aerobic tests when they have a partner (accountability and competition)

Make a commitment to yourself to exercise every day, make it a habit, because you’ll feel SO much better about yourself and life!! Excuse me, while I jump on my bike to go and meet Mandy for a coffee.

“Keeping your promises to others builds trust & strong relationships. Keeping promises to yourself builds character, esteem & success.”

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