End of Year Reflections: Relationships

Grab your journal, make a cup of tea and answer these questions:

What went well in my personal life this year?

What did I learn about myself in relationship with others?

Did you let go of any relationships this year, what did you learn?

Did you start any new relationships this year and if so, what goals do you have for it/them?

What relationship goals do you have for next year?

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End of Year Reflections: Celebrations

Grab your pen and journal and ask yourself:

What can I celebrate this year?

What went really well?

What successes did I have?

Did I celebrate my successes? Why not? What can I do to celebrate them?

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End of the Year Reflections: Endurance

Grab your journal and answer these questions:

What did I endure this year?

What did I learn about myself as a result of this or these events?

When you look back, take a moment to reflect on what went well, but also what you navigated that was not expected and tested you.

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Tip 3 for Stress Management

Journal. Research studies have shown that PTSD symptoms are reduced by a daily practice of journaling. Students pre-exam stress is also reduced by the act of journaling. Pull out a pen and give it a try!

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Tip 2 for Stress Management

Meditate. Meditation helps you practice letting go, which is a really good thing to do for managing stress. It also boosts your immune function by changing your DNA – the telomeres at the end of your DNA grow. This is really good to do especially given that cortisol (stress hormone) build up reduces your immune function.

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Tip 1 for Stress Management

Exercise. The stress hormone cortisol takes about 24 hours to break down. If you exercise daily you will help to flush that out and build up the endorphins which help you feel good!

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Stress Management & the Octopus

Did you know that Octopi eat themselves when they are stressed out? It’s a form of self-cannibalism and is called autophagy. That is some serious self-destruction! It is vital to learn how to manage stress – so we don’t end up in a situation of overwhelm and some kind of self-destructive behavior, like drinking too much, eating too much or getting angry and lashing out at those around you.

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Crappy Beliefs, Crappy Life

Did you know that your beliefs are decisions? So, if you make crappy decisions about your life, you will believe crappy things and that will impact your life and how happy and productive it is. Since your beliefs are decisions, you can make a new decision. How do you do this? You start by acknowledging your limiting belief and writing it down. Then you create a new belief – usually the opposite – an empowering decision. Then you look for evidence that supports your new decision. Every time you find yourself sinking into that old belief, look for that evidence again!

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Fall Cleanse 4: Your Relationships

Make time to chat with one or two of the key people in your life. Talk about those arguments that you keep on having – and see if you can come to some sort of agreement. Then dive into the fun stuff – what do you want your life to look like in 6 months, 1 year, 5 years, 10 years? How can I support you in getting there? What changes can we make? Are you making clear boundaries for those in your life? If not, why not? Are you communicating them clearly? Make some time to dig into the deep and meaningful conversations that we often don’t make time for in our regular lives.

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Fall Cleanse 3: Your Home

If you start on the first of the month, try the minimalists challenge – one item on the first, two on the second, three on the third. A good guide is to gather all the items into one room – all your books, all your shoes. Really face them and then try the Kon-Mari approach – does this bring me joy? If not, jettison it…

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