Cooking can feel like a chore for some people, but for others, it’s a pleasure and joy. I usually find it’s a pleasure and joy, but occasionally I find it a chore – particularly when I find myself getting frustrated that my three kids won’t all eat what I want to make (and enjoy eating)!

My suggestion for you if it feels like a chore, is to consider some of the specific elements as you are doing the cooking.

  1. If being creative feels stressful (random adding of spices and flavors), use a recipe book and allow yourself to be lead through the process.
  2. Buying the ingredients you need, from your recipe, removes the stress of trying to figure out what might go with what.
  3. Allow all your senses to get involved in the process – the smell of the garlic as you crush the clove, the sound of the oil sizzling in the pan, the sight of the purple beets in contrast to the green peppers, the feeling of the efficient knife between your fingers, the taste of the final dish on your tongue.
  4. Reflect on why you are making this delicious food – is it to nourish your body? Is it to share with people you love? Is it to help your future self so that you have that yummy food prepped on Thursday night and you won’t be tempted to order take-out pizza?