So, can you believe it? It’s almost December. Which means that we have just one month left of 2017. I know that I find myself reflecting deeply as the year draws to a close. I find myself drawn back to the end of 2016 and think about what my goals were for myself for 2017.

Do you have a practice of writing goals for yourself?

If not, give it a shot. Why? Because according to Leonie Dawson, the highest achievers in the world are the ones who write down AND review their goals.

I want you to get yourself a lovely notebook and some colored pens. And then grab a beverage of your choice (tea, coffee, sparkling water with a wedge of lime or perhaps a massive glass of chardonnay or some Laguvulin 16 yr whiskey) and take a seat on your favorite chair, with some luscious candle burning and some styling vinyl cracking in the background (and someone massaging your feet with lavender lotion… whoops, went off track there, but you get it)….

And NOW ask yourself some questions:

  1. Reflect back on 2017. Did you set any goals (e.g. change jobs, run a marathon, start volunteering, organize the basement, buy a house)? If so, how did you do? What were your successes? If you didn’t set goals, why not?
  2. What did you survive in 2017? What went down and how did you handle it? Sometimes life hits us upside the head, and we have deaths, diagnoses, job losses, relationship crashes. The key to happiness and success is navigating these “face-down-in-the-arena” moments as the phenomenal Brene Brown calls them with love, reflection and compassion.
  3. What are some goals? You can do them in categories:
    a) Personal (e.g. make that trip to India)
    b) Professional (e.g. get a promotion, apply for training)
    c) Emotional (e.g. re-connect with the hobbies that make me happy)
    d) Physical (e.g. leg press 500lbs, decrease body fat %)
    e) Spiritual (e.g. re-commit to volunteering for a cause close to my heart)

Spend this last month of the year celebrating what you achieved – intentionally or not (e.g. navigating something unexpected, like a diagnosis or death or relationship ending) and making some plans for 2018.

Let me know how it goes, by leaving a comment below & sharing YOUR celebrations & your INTENTIONS!